Patient Testimonials

  • I really enjoyed and looked forward to my physical therapy. I was referred for my neck and shoulder pain. Now, they feel so much better. The staff is wonderful and made everything feel like fun and not exercise.

    Pamela S.

  • Lewy Physical Therapy has provided me a wonderful overall experience. The team listen to my concerns and goals and adjusted treatment as needed. Dry needling and pool therapy have been very effective. It has been the best “whole treatment” I have ever experienced!

    Michelle P.

  • I was very happy with my experience at Lewy Physical Therapy. I needed to strengthen my ankle after multiple injuries. I am now able to run a mile, play tennis, and hopefully prevent further injuries because of Lewy!

    Anna E.

  • The staff at Lewy Physical Therapy has done an outstanding job getting me back to my old self. They really care about their clients and they work very hard to get you to feeling 100% better. I would recommend anyone to Lewy!

    Amy G.

  • I came to Lewy Physical Therapy due to an inflamed SI joint. Upon arrival I was only able to sleep approximately 2 hours per night. I also had issues sitting in a chair or lay down due to extreme pain. After my initial assessment and first therapy appointment my pain started to subside. After several weeks, I feel as though I am able to identify the possible causes of my pain and give me the tools to ensure progressive healing!

    Harold H.

  • My experience was fabulous. The customer service is out of this world! The entire staff is dedicated to helping patients improve their overall quality of life. I appreciate everything Lewy Physical Therapy has done to get me back to myself again.

    Georgina R.

  • My overall experience was wonderful. The staff is knowledgeable and willing to help when needed. I was referred for bilateral knee pain. I am now able to walk with no difficulty.

    Jeanette H.

  • Great staff! They taught me new stretches for my back and hips. My injury was more serious than I originally thought so I was unable to reach my ultimate goal but they have greatly helped me reduce my pain.

    Joshua N.